Kristi Rexhepi

NCCP Canskate Certified Coach

- Coached CanSkate since 2011 at the Cloverdale Skating Club
- Trained at the Cloverdale Skating Club
- Bachelor of Kinesiology and extended minor in psychology at UFV
- Instructed physical education and health in Antigua in 2016

Program assistants are an important component to any successful CanSkate program.

The role of the program assistant (PA) will vary depending on the unique needs and dynamics of a club but all duties involve assisting the Skate Canada coach in the delivery of the program.

The responsibilities of a PA may include:

• Assist the Skate Canada coach in delivering the program on‐ice and off‐ice

• Demonstrate skills and teaching progressions

• Supervise practice sessions

• Lead warm‐ups and cool‐downs under the direction of the Skate Canada coach

• Reinforce learned skills (follow‐up on coach instruction)

• Lead circuits, drills, group activities

• Distribute awards (stickers, badges, etc.)

• Take attendance

• Be a role model for young skaters